Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Max 5.9 Vista Performance System

So I've been sitting at a 5.0 system for about a year now, the bottleneck being ram. Simply because a year ago SLI-Ready CL4 Memory was a high price point and moving from CL6 OEM chips to high performance chips would have meant a move from 4gb to 2gb. Well thanks to an economic slowdown and the plummeting prices of memory chips in the last 6 months...

5.9 Vista Performance is not a myth

Picked up 2x 4GB Crucial CL4 Ballistix Tracer kits for a steal at $57.99 each. Then to top off the sweetness - a $33 mail in rebate makes the final price a whopping $24.99 per kit! That's 8gb of smoking hot fast memory for under $50! This Vista x64 Ultimate system screams now - time to go de-head some zombies in Left 4 Dead!

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