Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Citrix Reciever for Blackberry

Article invalid now that the BB receiver has been released...

The day has finally come - Citrix has released the technology preview of the official Citrix Receiver for the Blackberry - Get it Here.

Adding it on your blackberry can be a bit of a pain, but I'll cover a quick and dirty for getting the receiver setup and working from your Blackberry - just like all the other receivers this one requires a working Web Interface to function - and likely some BES work to assure it's working (check the end of the article for a detailed link)

Getting the receiver installed
  • Browse to the following URL on your Blackberry (or email the URL to the device)
  • Touch: Non-Touch: You will get the following screen, click Download
  • Run the Citrix Receiver
  • This can vary by your Blackberry - on a Storm2 it was found under Downloads - you can move this anywhere you desire. 
  • Set Application Permissions
  • At first load you will likely be prompted to set the application permissions, accept the defaults then click the Setup my existing account button. 
  • Setup the connection to your Web Interface
  • Address will be the server name of your Web Interface (such as or - http:// is not needed, only servername unless you are using SSL at which point you need the https:// (and make sure the SSL cert works on your Blackberry devices which I don't cover here) Username is your domain user name (without the domain) Password should be self exploratory Domain is your domain Description is pre-filled-in based of your Address, but you can put whatever makes you happy here. 
  • You will now see your Citrix connection in the list
  • Click the entry 
  • You will now see your list of published apps
  •  Launch any app and start testing! 

The BlackBerry Citrix Receiver is still in Tech Preview state, but if you need more help or details on configuring your BES server for Citrix or troubleshooting you can start here.

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