Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recording Industry Fees killed the Satillite Star

So I went to renew my XM Radio subscription today and decided to finally upgrade to the lifetime subscription and just be done with the annual renewals... Until I saw this:

U.S. Music Royalty Fee: Huh?

After doing a little research I found out about this dirty little fee from XM's Terms and Conditions

Section 8. Fees has this little nugget:

U.S. Music Royalty Fee: As of July 29, 2009, new and renewing Subscription Packages which include music channels will be charged a U.S. Music Royalty Fee. For further details on how this fee is calculated see FAQs.

Which links to a site dedicated to this sneaky little "Fee" that apparently only applies to Satellite Radios:

1. Why does SIRIUS XM pay music royalties?

a. Music royalty rights were established by Congress and are the product of the Copyright Act. Unlike terrestrial radio, both SIRIUS and XM are required to pay copyright music royalties to recording artists, musicians and recording companies who hold copyrights in sound recordings (the actual recording of a work). These royalties have risen dramatically as a result of a decision of the Copyright Royalty Board. Like terrestrial radio, SIRIUS and XM must also pay music publishers who hold copyrights in musical compositions (or the lyrics and music) through their collective organizations, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. These fees have also risen since March 2007. Finally, SIRIUS and XM must also pay certain copyright owners to facilitate the recording of content on portable devices.

Thanks but no thanks - yet again the music industry finds a way to stifle artists and music - I can think of at least 10-15 artists that I have found simply from listening to XM radio's more obscure channels, I would likely have never have heard from these artists on regular radio. Sadly I'm afraid I won't be buying your songs or albums anymore because the Recording Industry has made it so I can't easily listen to your music. I guess I'll take my extra $400 I would have bought a lifetime XM subscription for and instead buy Honda's iPOD adapter for the car and listen to the artists I already have on my iPOD from now on.

Goodbye Sirius/XM, I'm sorry that you get hurt by this ridiculous piece of legislation and I'm sorry that the Recording Industry has put the noose around your companies neck which will likely end in your eventual closure once enough of us subscribers decide to leave.

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