Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dexter ... curse you OnDemand!

So in my attempts to avoid all things surrounding this Michael Jackson insanity tornado recently I've all but avoided live TV - after catching up on everything hiding on my DVR I was forced to take a look in the Video OnDemand section, which I fairly admit I really don't use as much as I should.

Besides the occasional movie I noticed I just missed the start time by 10 minutes or maybe some kids cartoons to pacify the monkeys need for SpongeBob during the one hour SpongeBob can't be found somewhere on the 20 versions of Nickelodeon, I don't use the VOD features of my expensive cable TV package. That changed this weekend in my attempts to avoid another MJ special attack on my sanity.

I found myself noticing that Showtime had Dexter seasons 1-3 available in anticipation of the show's return for the 4th season this fall. And all I can say is you had me at first slice!

While I admit I have no usual desire to watch slasher flicks - Horror just doesn't do it for me - I can't stop watching this show. The character just grabbed me and I can't get enough, watching Michael C Hall play a man void of emotion fake his way though the motions of being normal like the rest of us you think would bore the living snot out of me, but oddly not only does he have me believing every moment I find myself relating to him in a creepy sort of way.

No need to call the cops, I'll explain. Dexter is an extreme example of every one of us; how many times do we fake some emotion in our lives to be normal? While his darkness is defiantly something deeper and darker than anything I can imagine, there is something more to this character that I can't help but relate to. After finishing season 1 last night I found myself rooting for Dexter, hoping he doesn't get caught, hoping he kills that next scum bag who with the help of his slimy lawyer slipped right though the cracks of a broken justice system.

*cough* after being unable to stop the last 3 episodes no matter how hard I tried, staying up WAY past the time I should have been long asleep, I watched Dexter slash his way though Miami's most disgusting criminal element (not to spoil, but the Therapist - "I can't kill him yet...I need another session!" - wow that was genius - we'll just leave it at that).

If you are looking for a gripping character story that deviates completely from the norm then I suggest anyone who has access to Showtime OnDemand should check out a few episodes while they are offering the show's first 3 seasons as part of your subscription (or heck go get one for the month if you don't or pick them episodes up on DVD). I think after 3 episodes of the show you won't be able to stop!

I can't even start Season 2 tonight because I need to sleep thanks to Dexter grip on me the past 2 nights. How did I ever miss this show? I guess I really should check out some of these other shows I've missed, maybe squeeze a bit more out of my ungodly cable bill!

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