Friday, March 20, 2009

FRAK! So Say We All...

Today marks a sad day for nerdy SciFi geeks around the world, one that will end a week of SciFi related sadness. As if the recent announcement that SciFi was changing it's name to SyFy: Imagine Greater wasn't sad enough - instead of my personal fav which would have been NTCGS: Fathom More F Movies (Network That Cancels Great Shows) - tonight marks the end of Battlestar Galactica's awesome 4 season run.

As I refuse to watch wrestling, Ghost Hunters, or low quality crap original moves like Mansquito for the first time in a long time, my DVR will be lonely on Friday nights (and no I just couldn't get into Sanctuary - as much as I love Amanda Tapping, Sanctuary left my series recording after about episode 3 when awe of the CGI's appeal wore thin due to lack of story). Let's hope the new Stargate show is worth something, because as it stands now the only thing worth watching on SciFi is Eureka and the Twilight Zone Marathons on New Years. Caperica holds some hope, but if it's anything like a soap opera or some WB show to appeal to their new SyFy audience thanks but no thanks. And I'm not too sure if I can handle dorky commercials for SyFy or their soon to be new spin off series Ghost Hunters: Tweens to even justify sticking around for any of that. Ah well, at least there still is Lost - with quite possibly the best season since the 1st season currently dropping every Wednesday.

To the Cast and Crew of BSG - Thanks for the awesome entertainment!
You will be missed... So Say We All!

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