Friday, September 19, 2008

XenApp Client 11

So I finally took the time to install the new XenApp Client (or as I like to call it the product formally with a normal name) - While I understand the new direction Citrix is heading for the second time I'm just a tad frustrated with what to many is a simple cosmetic change, but is going to end in a pain in my administrative rear. That is the change to the Plugin for Hosted Apps - the icon has changed... yet again. The only saving grace is that they still keep the name Citrix when you hover over the new icon. That makes rolling out the new client to the enterprise even more of a pain, user re-education is the bane of an administrators existance. It's going to take even the IT staff time to break the habit of saying PNagent - heck I still have most of them confused when MPS appears in an email... so I guess XenApp should go over REAL well.

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